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Cyndi Brannen

Welcome to The Covina Institute

At the crossroads of modern life and the deeper world.

Claim Hekate's Keys of Magic, Mystery and Personal Empowerment

I've designed the Hekate's Keys Course so you can start your journey into the deeper world of The Goddess when you are ready.

Includes live gatherings, video and audio classes, written lessons, our fabulous chat, and community discussions.

My curriculum is based on the natural rhythm of the universe, deeply embedded in the lunar cycle and the seasonal influences.  

Different aspects of mythology, psychology and natural magic every month, so you can join when you are ready and get started right away. 

Each month focuses on two archetypes - one representing a component of the self, and the other reflecting an aspect of The Goddess.  Expanding out from their through classes, live gatherings, and group chats, you'll truly understand the essence of these archetypes. I select different correspondences to take us deeper into the meaning of the archetype: color, plant, stone, and animal.

Based on the lunar calendar, I focus on one aspect of the many faces of The Goddess each month. Of course, there's a special emphasis on Hekate, but I also teach about many other expressions of the sacred feminine, nested within a solid psychological framework that guides you to healing, wholeness and empowerment.

Meditation, ritual, herbalism, and natural magic are woven into all I teach.

Mythology, folklore, traditional wisdom and historical considerations merged into modern psychological techniques.

Explore your inner temple through understanding dreams and develop your intuitive gifts.

All classes and gatherings listed are included in the monthly Hekate's Keys subscription. 

Here's the schedule:
Nov 26: Auguries and Omens -Learn how to interpret the messages of the natural world, with an emphasis on avian allies, especially Crow, our animal of the month.
Dec 4: Moon Goddess SalonNew Moon ritual and meditation. Crafting enchanted candles and body scrub using pomegranate and yarrow.
Dec 12: Cartomancy -In this class, part of the Books on a Sunday, series, join to learn how I write about working with the cards for insight and prediction. It's a bibliophiles webinar, with book recommendations and more. Come with you questions.
Dec 14: The Moon Goddess and Her Hounds -There is no animal more closely connected to the Moon Goddess, especially Hekate, than the hound.  In this class, we'll be exploring what those canines have to teach us, and ways they offer healing.
Dec 21: Winter Solstice in The Cave of The Cailleach - The Cailleach is the stone mother, the spirit of winter, the queen of the cave and the keeper of the fire. She represents the completion of the Wheel of Time. She is both Moon Goddess and the one who birthed it. She is wholeness. The Cailleach has immense wisdom to share because she has seen it all. Call to her in her sacred cave for a time of renewal. 
Jan 2: The Crone and The CardsIn this New Moon gathering, I'll be discussing the medicine and mysteries of The Crone, then we'll have a Tarot Parlor where we give readings to each other. A great way to start the new calendar year.
Jan 9: Solitary Rituals I include rituals in all my books. In this webinar, I'll be diving into the ones in them, and offering how-to tips. Come with your questions.
Jan 12: Sex, Crone and Bear - Boundaries, Hibernation And More. In our seasonal sex education class, I'll be co-teaching with Angela Natividad about the sexual healing that is found in both Bear and Crone.
Jan 17: Soul Guide Moon SalonPrepare for the upcoming Soul Retrieval Journey through crafting a Soul Candle and more.

*We close to new members after this Salon to prepare for Soul Retrieval.*

Feb 1: Soul Retrieval JourneyCall back missing pieces of yourself through this transcendent ritual experience in Hekate's Cave.
Feb 6: Soul To SoulPart of the monthly, "Books on a Sunday," series of webinars, in this session I'll be exploring how I write about the soul. Recommendations for further reading. Come with your questions.
Feb 16: The Weavers and The Wolf Full Moon LodgeIncludes the Journey To Awaken Your Inner Wolf and a session on The Moirai, those fabulous Sisters of Fate.

All classes and gatherings are supported by a Compendia, a guidebook for you to work through during the class and after.

How Hekate's Keys Works

As soon as you join, you’ll have immediate access to where we are in the current month, plus the previous months in the season.

Our schedule is both lunar and seasonal: each month begins on the New Moon and we traverse four seasonal gates. To organize content, each seasonal gate is a course with each of the monthly explorations nested within as sections.

In addition to the monthly content, you get instant access to the daily ritual known as Quotidia, our fabulous chat, and other perpetual sharing and learning circles.

If you need help navigating the Institute, get in touch with [email protected]

Covina comes from the Latin word meaning to come together for a shared purpose. 

Within the gates of the institute, you'll find the keys of psychology, spirituality and the deeper world merging at the crossroads of learning, transcendence, and community. 

We explore archetypes, astrology, dreams, mysticism, plant medicine, weaving them with psychological constructs for a unique healing journey. 

Based on a sacred daily practice of connection and meditation, Covina offers you a safe and supportive community, offering you the tools you need for healing into your unique wholeness.

This class on Hekate’s Cave is a wonderful intro to what I teach here in Covina

Watch now.

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