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Embark on the journey of healing into wholeness based on the teachings of Keeping Her Keys

The Covina Institute

Answer your soul's call to come back to the goddess.
Follow her torches.

Claim her keys of magic, medicine and mystery.
Become a member of The Covina Institute, dedicated to teaching transformation through psychology, spirituality and the wisdom of the goddess.

Author of Keeping Her Keys, Dr. Cyndi Brannen has created Covina as a soul school at the crossroads of psychology, spirituality and traditional wisdom.

Covina comes from the Latin word meaning to come together for a shared purpose. Within the gates of our institute, you'll find the keys of psychology, spirituality and the traditional wisdom of the goddess meeting at the crossroads of learning, transcendence, and kinship.

Monthly tuition is 49.99 (taxes and surcharges may apply)

Are you ready to apply?

Covina is for those who are ready for a serious journey back to the soul. 

Before clicking the "request to join" button, answer these questions:

1. Do you already have, or are you ready to commit to, a daily meditation practice? 

2. Do you already have, or are you ready to commit to, daily sacred practice to deepen your relationship with Hekate?

3. Do you have a copy of the Keeping Her Keys book?

4. Do you have the time and resources to commit to serious study?

5. Are you able to participate in monthly live rituals within the Institute?

6. Are you serious about your journey towards wholeness?

7. Can you commit to the teachings offered in the school?

If you answered "yes," to all of the above, then keep reading.

A Soulful Learning Center to Support Your Journey in a Professional Environment

Covina is supported through coaching staff and torchbearers who provide guidance under the leadership of Dr. Cyndi. 

We offer a year long Pathway of Initiation to deepen your journey to your own unique wholeness. This is known as The Nyssa Journey. Learn more once you become a student.


Walk the Wheel of the Year through our Curriculum.

Each month Dr. Cyndi curates the curriculum that includes lessons (audio, video and written), discussions, sharing circles, medicine lodges, and live rituals.

Experience the Goddess


The Rituals of the Sacred Cave is our annual cycle following The Wheel of the Year. We enter Hekate's Cave to follow the journey through darkness to wholeness through release of what binds, retrieving the soul, and being reborn.

Monthly events, including moon lodges, salons and workshops.


Study in one of our nine Foundations Courses.
Go deeper with our programs of intense transformation, known as Master Courses.


Live monthly rituals, salons, workshops and more, merging psychology, spirituality and traditional wisdom. 

Follow the Wheel of the Year through the Rituals of the Sacred Cave. 


Vibrant community of seekers of the deeper world coming together in their pursuit of wholeness in a completely private network. 


As we walk through the Wheel of the Year Curriculum, you can explore other lessons and topics that you'll find in the courses. 

Dr. Cyndi draws from the Courses to create the Wheel of the Year Curriculum.

You'll find structured lessons in the course Table of Contents. Articles to support the lessons written by Dr. Cyndi and her team are shared regularly in the Activity Feed of each course. Engage in the vibrant Commons within each course.

Lessons are a combination of written articles, recorded video classes, and audio lessons.

Aevitas: The Wheel of the Year

Walk the Wheel of the Year through moon lodges, seasonal celebrations, and the monthly dark moon rituals. 

This is the central course of The Institute.

Anassa: The Magic, Medicine and Mystery of The Goddess Hekate

Learn more about experiencing Hekate through her history, powers, and more. Anassa is an ancient title of Hekate that means "Empress," or "The Supreme."

Animara: Journeys, Meditations and Rituals

Access journeys, meditations and rituals to go deeper into yourself and the mysteries of the Goddess.

Deae: Explore The Many Faces of the Goddess

Explore the many faces of the goddess, from Artemis to Persephone, in these lessons, rituals and practices. 


Creativity is the soul of the goddess. In this course, learn and be inspired to create your own magic, with spells, talismans and much more.


Hekate's torches lead into the deeper self, and set us on a journey towards wholeness.  Learn about the self, soul and shadow, relationships, coping, and more in Psychologika. 

Medela: Healing Into Wholeness

Meditations, rituals and articles that heal mind, body and soul. 

Pharmakeia: Plant Spirit Medicine

The magick, medicine and mystery of plant spirits. Learn through monographs, lessons, rituals and spells. 

Sibylika: Understanding Ourselves and Our Journey 

Go deep into the exploration of divination to better understand yourself and your journey. Tarot reading practices, astrological monographs, planetary magic, and more. 

Spirita: Walking In The Deeper World

Archetypes, dreams, animal spirits and more await in this course dedicated to the spirits of the unseen world. 

Enodia: Go Deeper Into the Keeping Her Keys Book

Expand your experience of the Keeping Her Keys book through tutorials, articles, and community. Enodia is an ancient title of Hekate referring to her guidance along the road, and especially finding her at the crossroads. 

Civitas: The Member Center  

All you need to know about how the soul school works, including the Pathways of Initiation. 

Membership Process:

Once your application ("Request to Join") is approved by a team member, the next step is to read the welcome message that contains the information for completing the process of becoming a student.

Monthly tuition is 49.99 (taxes and surcharges may apply)

The Mystai: The Master Course of Hekatean Witchcraft

More info about applying to join The Mystai can be found inside The Institute in the Table of Contents of The Civitas Course.

Next class for The Mystai Level I (The Red Key/Root) begins September 2021.

To have an application considered for the autumn class, a student must join The Institute no later than June 1, 2021.

Mystai tuition is 79.99/month for seven months for existing students.

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