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The Covina Institute
Cyndi Brannen

Welcome to The Covina Institute

At the crossroads of modern life and the deeper world.

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The Covina Institute is a psychospiritual educational organization dedicated to guiding members towards more meaningful lives through creativity, personal development, transcendent experiences, and activism.

Founded by Dr. Cyndi Brannen, author of Keeping Her Keys and Entering Hekate's Garden.

She is the darkness, 
And she is the fire.
She is the cry of "enough."
She is the sigil written in stone.
She is the silent walking away of the betrayed.
She is the lonely raising arms to the moon.
She is the lie told to live the truth.
She is the secret circle drawing down her moon.
She is the poison that heals.
She is the bold stare into the mirror.
She is the blood shed to bring rebirth.
She is all those who dare to become.
She is the power that is our right.
She has returned.
Answer her claim.
The time is now.
Speak truth.
Be heard.

July Schedule

How Hekate's Keys Works

Hekate's Keys are four seasonal courses, each built around a ritual experience. 

Our schedule is both lunar and seasonal: each month begins on the New Moon and we traverse four seasonal gates. To organize content, each seasonal gate is a course with each of the monthly explorations nested within as sections.

Built around 13 titles shared by many Goddesses, every month focuses on a psychospiritual construct evoked by the specific archetype.

We experience the fullness of this through a botanical, stone, animal, and color.

Every month has unique artwork, including a sigil and four Spirit Cards featuring our themes. 

Go deeper into the theme by reading the two books of the month (usually one fiction/one nonfiction), listening/contributing to our collaborative musical playlist, and learning from the curated podcast episodes.

Hekate's Keys includes two live Moon Salon gatherings every month. These events include meditations, rituals, panels, and craft-alongs.

In addition to the monthly content, you get instant access to the daily ritual known as Quotidia, our fabulous chat, and other perpetual sharing and learning circles.

The Keeping Her Keys Book Course

Once inside Covina, you can access the rich resources for the KHK Book, including over 20 hours of recorded classes and much more.

If you need help navigating the Institute, get in touch with [email protected]

Covina comes from the Latin word meaning to come together for a shared purpose. 

Within the gates of the institute, you'll find the keys of psychology, spirituality and the deeper world merging at the crossroads of learning, transcendence, and community. 

We explore archetypes, astrology, dreams, mysticism, plant medicine, weaving them with psychological constructs for a unique healing journey. 

Based around a sacred daily practice of connection and meditation, Covina offers you a safe and supportive community, offering you the tools you need for healing into your unique wholeness.


We offer a limited number of reduced cost subscriptions for those who are under resourced. Find that option below.

The Covina Institute is committed to providing a safe and supportive community for seekers of a more meaningful life.
- All your personal data remains completely private.
- We are especially dedicated having an environment that elevates those traditionally othered by mainstream society, including BIPOC and LGBTQI+ individuals.

- Read more about our ethics HERE.

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