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Hekate's Keys - The Rebirth Journey: February 11 - April 30, 2022

Covina works as a monthly subscription. We are open to new members at specific points in The Wheel of The Year.  We will open to new members on Feb. 11. I'll send out a message when I open the gates again, so sign up to my email newsletter at or send an email to [email protected].

While you're waiting to begin your rebirth journey, I encourage you to read my books and dive into my public content, including my new podcast. Find out all the details at

The Rebirth Journey is centered around the transcendent ritual known as Animarum Renovamen, held on the New Moon closest to the Spring Equinox. This year it is on April 1.

Here's the schedule:

Feb 14: We 💜 Tarot Parlor - a discussion on the two official study decks of Covina, The Wild Unknown Oracle and The Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot, plus tips for doing our daily Enodia reading, and more. During the second hour, we'll "couple up," and do readings for each other.  

Feb 16: The Weavers and The Wolf Full Moon LodgeIncludes the Journey To Awaken Your Inner Wolf and a session on The Moirai, those fabulous Sisters of Fate. We're crafting a Colligo Talisman, using a tanagram base. The Colligo weaves together all the pieces of ourselves into a whole, illuminating what we'll leave behind and what we'll bring with us through The Rebirth Journey.

Mar 2: Anassa Eneroi New Moon: Honoring The Death Queen Through Words and Botanicals - We'll be sharing our offerings to Anassa Eneroi, The Death Queen, and exploring how to use botanicals as incense offerings, as we enter the final lunar month before The Rebirth Ceremony. 

Mar 18: Anassa Eneroi Full Moon Salon: The Death Goddess, The Goat and Rebirth - An exploration of the symbolism of Goat and The Death Goddess, as well as prepping for the upcoming Rebirth Ceremony. Crafting of the Phos Renovamen (Rebirth Beacon). A uniquely Covina spin on the Spring Equinox as we enter The Gate of Rebirth.

Apr 1: Animarum Renovamen - The Rebirth Ceremony live during the New Moon. A transcendent live experience. More details are provided within Covina.

Apr 10: Covilesia - A celebration of the arrival of spring, inspired by the ancient festival of Megalesia. 

Apr 16: Kore Full Moon Salon: The Rabbit, The Maiden, and The Mother - A truly magical gathering where we'll share our Rebirth experiences, craft a Kore talisman and more.

Apr 24: Animal Spirits Tarot Parlor - I'll be teaching how to use those beautiful animal oracle cards for personal insight and in other ways. The second hour is a parlor where we'll go "two by two," into breakout rooms to do readings for each other.

Apr 30: Triformis New Moon Salon: Beltane, Botanicals, and Becoming - We'll step into the transformative power of the Triple Goddess as we celebrate the midpoint between spring and summer. The second hour dives into Pharmakeia, especially working with psychoactives. Crafting an amulet is our magical focus.

All classes and gatherings are supported by a Compendia, a guidebook for you to work through during the class and after.

Most gatherings are recorded for those who cannot join live.

How Hekate's Keys Works

Hekate's Keys are four seasonal courses, each built around a ritual experience. 

Our schedule is both lunar and seasonal: each month begins on the New Moon and we traverse four seasonal gates. To organize content, each seasonal gate is a course with each of the monthly explorations nested within as sections.

In addition to the monthly content, you get instant access to the daily ritual known as Quotidia, our fabulous chat, and other perpetual sharing and learning circles.

If you need help navigating the Institute, get in touch with [email protected]

Covina comes from the Latin word meaning to come together for a shared purpose. 

Within the gates of the institute, you'll find the keys of psychology, spirituality and the deeper world merging at the crossroads of learning, transcendence, and community. 

We explore archetypes, astrology, dreams, mysticism, plant medicine, weaving them with psychological constructs for a unique healing journey. 

Based around a sacred daily practice of connection and meditation, Covina offers you a safe and supportive community, offering you the tools you need for healing into your unique wholeness.

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