Welcome to Covina: The Coven of Hekate

The Mystery School led by Dr. Cyndi Brannen, author, educator, psychologist, Daughter of Hekate


Hekate's Keys: Unlocking The Gate of Rebirth

Embark on the Rebirth Journey by becoming a student in The Hekate's Keys Program. 

Through explorations of Hekate as Rixipyle (The Chain Breaker), Anassa Eneroi (The Death Queen), and Kore (The Reborn), experience empowerment, healing, and transformation through rituals, witchcrafting, and personal development.

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The Hekate's Keys Program

Hekate's Keys is the foundational program of The Covina Tradition, offered as four seasonal courses. Lampadia is for seekers of deeper inquiry through an emphasis on the psychological aspects of the foundational program. It is taught as four seasonal courses as well. The Mystai is the advanced leadership training program that merges depth psychology with collaborative teaching and mentoring. It is only available to select graduates of Lampadia. Built around monthly themes exploring an aspect of Hekate, and rooted in the Keys of Hekate, with correspondences and archetypal explorations of the sacred feminine, along with psychospiritual inquiry, witchcrafting, and ritual.

Covina: The Coven of Hekate

Welcome to Covina, which is Latin for "coven," a community for those exploring the magic, medicine, and mystery of the ancient goddess Hekate through personal inquiry, transcendent experiences, and natural magick.

Start your journey by becoming a Covina Member, which includes Hekate's Crossroads, our sanctuary dedicated to Hekate. This subscription includes membership in the Keeping Her Keys Read Along, Quotidia: The Daily Ritual, and Hekate's Well: The Healing Circle.

For those seeking a more structured experience, Covina offers three levels of study in courses, led by Cyndi Brannen, PhD, author, educator, and psychologist, and supported by a team of trained guides.

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Subscriptions in Covina are tiered, so that each subsequent one includes all the features of the preceding one(s).

Coven Membership

Coven Membership includes live gatherings, recorded lessons, resources, sharing circles, and chats. 

Spaces included in membership:

- Hekate's Crossroads: The Sanctuary - includes recordings, written lessons, sharing circles, and seasonal live Dark Moon Rituals.
- Quotidia: The Daily Ritual - our fabulous group for learning and sharing the daily practice of connection to Hekate's Sacred Flame, The Unifying The Three Selves Meditation, and The Enodia Oracle.
- Hekate's Well: The Healing Circle - recorded classes, meditations, and other healing resources, plus a perpetual healing circle where you can seek support and offer it to those in need.
- Hekate's Oracle: The Stars and The Cards - recorded classes on divination using oracle and tarot cards and astrology linked to aspects of Hekatean Witchcraft, Sharing circles, too.

The Keeping Her Keys Book Reading Along

Go deeper into the lessons in the KHK Book:

- Recorded Read Along videos for each chapter with Dr. Cyndi
- Recorded classes for each chapter.
- Exclusive 2nd Edition of the book, shared as PDFs for each chapter.
- Supporting activities, exercises, rituals, and more, shared as PDFs.
- Sharing Circles for each chapter.
- Live chat for discussing your experiences.
- Chat Circles focused on each chapter.
- Includes the Covina Social Chat for making friends and discussing just about anything within the private and safe halls of Covina.

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About Covina

Covina comes from a Latin word meaning "to come together for a shared purpose". Of course, it also means "coven." Within the gates of the institute, you'll find the keys of psychology, spirituality and the deeper world merging at the crossroads of learning, transcendence, and community. We explore archetypes, astrology, dreams, mysticism, plant medicine, weaving them with psychological constructs for a unique healing journey. Based around a sacred daily practice of connection and meditation, Covina offers you a safe and supportive community, offering you the tools you need for healing into your unique wholeness.

Cyndi Brannen, PhD, is the executive director and lead instructor. You can learn more about Dr. Cyndi here.

The Covina Institute is committed to providing a safe and supportive community for seekers of a more meaningful life.
- All your personal data remains completely private.
- We are dedicated to creating an environment that elevates those traditionally othered by mainstream society.
- Read more about our ethics HERE.